Addressing Sales Objections

Course Description:

The main objective of this session is to help you understand the importance of addressing sales objections. By the time the session is over you will understand; why buyers object, how to create an objection response library, how to cost-justify your solution, and what can be measured.

Course Duration: 28 minutes

Why “Addressing Sales Objections” Matters:

If you absolutely believe in your product and you believe that it is a quality product at a fair price, you will get to a win way more often than you are winning today.

That is what productive selling is all about, increasing my wins and getting long-term, mutually beneficial relationships with my customers.

Key Points:

  • A sales objection is actually a buying signal.
  • We in the sales game are actually causing some of our objections.
  • The three most prevalent objections that we hear across the board are the following: Your price is too high or you are too expensive; I am happy with my current vendor or my alternative vendor; or shrinking budget or no budget.
  • One of the characteristics of a great sale is to win that really hard fought prospect that you chased for years.
  • Our job in addressing objections is to be able to make our customer the hero.

A Complete Training Solution:

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