Empowering Decision Makers

Course Description:

The main objective of this session is to help you understand the importance of figuring out who the decision makers are and empowering them. By the time the session is over, you will understand how to find who the real decision makers are, how to have an idea who you are selling to, what the “So What” Funnel is, and the Decision Maker VALU e-mail and action plan.

Course Duration: 27 minutes

Why “Empowering Decision Makers” Matters:

Many salespeople spend way too much time selling to somebody who can’t buy.

If you manage and use the tools that we talked about in this module, you will be able to stay in alignment with that buyer, and you will also create that sense of urgency so that things don’t creep out on you.

Key Points:

  • Never in the history of business has someone who has said “I make all the decisions” ever made all the decisions.
  • Only the decision maker knows what the next step is and what the time frame is.
  • There are people who can actually make the decision, there are end users who will benefit from the decision, and then there are approvers.
  • These are the four things that you need to talk to the decision makers about: How can your solution help them increase revenue, decrease costs, improve operating efficiency, or become or remain compliant?

A Complete Training Solution:

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