Good Housekeeping (Multimedia)

Course Description:

Good housekeeping is serious business at work. Not only can it help save your company tens of thousands of dollars in costs—it can also save your life. During this training session, we’ll explain what good housekeeping is and why it’s so important at work—and we’ll also go over exactly what your role in good housekeeping is.

Course Duration: 14 minutes

Why “Good Housekeeping (Multimedia)” Matters:

  • Good housekeeping helps prevent accidents and keeps everyone safe on the job.
  • The costs of not keeping up with good housekeeping are big, like workers’ compensation claims and repairing property damage.
  • Know the workplace hazards related to good housekeeping and how to prevent them.

Key Points:

  • Remember, good housekeeping helps prevent accidents—meaning you and your coworkers will have a safer environment to work in.
  • Good housekeeping is in your hands—don’t assume someone else will do it.
  • Be sure you have a detailed housekeeping plan and follow it.

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