Leadership Skills—What New Supervisors and Managers Need to Know

Course Description:

Leadership is an essential skill for all supervisors and managers, especially if you are new to the job. Truly successful supervisors and managers don’t “boss” their employees; they lead them. The main objective of this session is to discuss the important supervisory and managerial topic of leadership and explain how you can become a more effective leader. By the time this session is over, you should be able to identify the qualities of effective leaders, understand different leadership styles, build credibility and trust, use leadership techniques to ensure success, lead teams effectively, and lead employees skillfully in challenging times of change.

Course Duration: 26 minutes

Why “Leadership Skills—What New Supervisors and Managers Need to Know” Matters:

Leaders must be striving yet yielding. They need to strive for success, but they must also know when to go around a barrier rather than try to break through it.

Good leaders are both strong and flexible—just like the best athletes.

Leaders must know when to stand firm and when to bend.

Finally, sometimes leaders need to be controlling, and sometimes they must rely on influence. They have to be able to control situations and groups, but they also need to know how to influence, facilitate, and work from within the group—or even from behind the scenes.

Key Points:

  • The most effective supervisors and managers are always skillful leaders.
  • Leadership skills help you motivate and guide workers to perform at their best.
  • Good leaders develop loyal and productive employees who make important contributions to the organization.
  • You don’t have to be born a leader. Leadership skills can be learned and developed.

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