New Employee Safety Orientation Training

Course Description:

This online new employee safety training course will teach employees to understand their role in the company’s safety and health program, including security procedures and safety information. This course covers topics important to employee orientation, including company safety newsletters, bulletin boards, safety committee members, and labels or safety data sheets.

Course Duration: 28 minutes

Why “New Employee Safety Orientation Training” Matters:

A recent Bureau of Labor Statistics’ Lost Work Time Injuries and Illnesses Report states that employees with fewer than 6 years of employment accounted for 37% of all illnesses and injuries sustained, higher than their 31% share of employment.

More than 5,500 employees in this country die from workplace injuries.

1.3 million workers suffer nonfatal injuries that result in days away from work.

In addition, maintaining a safe and healthy workplace can help your employer tackle rising workers’ compensation premiums and lost work time due to injuries. It’s in everyone’s best interest to stay safe at work.

Key Points:

  • Play your role in safety and security;
  • Look for and report hazards;
  • Use common sense;
  • Respond safely to emergencies; and
  • Follow workplace safety procedures.

A Complete Training Solution:

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