Outsmart the Competition

Course Description:

The main objective of this session is to help you understand the importance of outsmarting the competition. By the time the session is over, you will understand the characteristics of a strategic competitor, the “Strategic Competitor Positioning Grid,” the eight keys to outsmarting your competition, the Sales SWOT Analysis, the five P’s of all successful account strategies, and competitive strategies.

Course Duration: 42 minutes

Why “Outsmart the Competition” Matters:

If you can find a crack in the door, you can go back and reposition yourself—now you have outsmarted the competition, you have closed more business, and you are living right in the middle of the Productive Selling Zone.

Key Points:

  • Focus on what you do well, not on what your competition does poorly. Speak on your behalf versus their behalf.
  • Have the right strategies in place, and review them on a regular basis.
  • The best strategy to have is a preemptive strategy that says you not only got there first, but you created some land mines that no matter who else played, you are going to keep that competitive advantage.
  • The Sales SWOT Analysis is a great tool for you to be able to look at some of your most strategic competitors and really take a close look at how the market perceives you.
  • The Strategic Competitor Positioning Grid is a great tool for you to be able to have, so you know who is there, who you are going to play against, and more importantly how you can compete.

A Complete Training Solution:

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