Sexual Harassment in the Digital Age

Course Description:

This session explains how social media both at work and outside work can be used to harass; how to recognize improper text communication; which actions in the workplace, even with personal electronic equipment, are covered by workplace rules; when personal social networking sites can be the site of harassment; supervisor rights to access an employee’s personal electronic equipment and social networking accounts; and the many shapes and forms of harassment.

Course Duration: 24 minutes

Why “Sexual Harassment in the Digital Age” Matters:

The legal definition of sexual harassment, and an employer’s liability for it, changes as technology evolves. The rise of social media and the increasing capabilities of smart phones have led to new methods of workplace sexual harassment. You must make sure your team is trained to:

  • Maintain a professional work environment.
  • Help employees get along with coworkers.
  • Identify and report social media or text harassment.
  • Understand the right of the harassed employee.
  • Be more productive and successful.

Key Points:

  • Harassment can occur outside the workplace.
  • Personal electronic devices can be used to harass.
  • Social media sites are a medium for harassment.
  • Electronic communications stay around for a long time. and
  • Employees should behave toward coworkers the same in cyberspace as they do in person.

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