SPCC for Agriculture

Course Description:

The main objective of this session is to help you comply with SPCC requirements for agriculture; understand your facility’s SPCC Plan and procedures; prevent spills; and maintain an SPCC Plan and procedures in compliance with regulations as conditions change.

Course Duration: 23 Minutes

Why “SPCC for Agriculture” Matters:

This training program is important for you for several reasons:

  • Spills can cause injuries to people and damage to the environment.
  • A key element of the SPCC regulations calls for agricultural facilities to have spill prevention plans, called SPCC plans. You need to understand the requirements for these plans.
  • The SPCC regulation also require you to take a variety of measure to prevent spills that could damage water resources needed for farming operations- for example, inspecting and testing tanks to detect damage or leaks.

Key Points:

  • Many agricultural facilities are covered by SPCC regulations.
  • What’s required under SPCC regulations.
  • How to develop and maintain a written SPCC Plan.
  • Effective steps to prevent spills.
  • How to inspect oil containers and know how to respond to spills.

A Complete Training Solution:

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