The Secrets of Master Negotiators

Course Description:

The main objective of this session is to help you understand the importance of negotiation. By the time the session is over you will understand: the traits of the best negotiators, how to establish your negotiation plan, characteristics of negotiation, different buying tactics, and the Stand FIRM™ action plan.

Course Duration: 31 minutes

Why “The Secrets of Master Negotiators” Matters:

Using these tools and being aware of these tactics will help you stay calm, stay controlled, and, more importantly, stay in alignment with your buyer.

Key Points:

  • Make negotiations a “Win-Win.”
  • The emotional hurdle on the buyer’s side is, “Am I getting a good deal?” The emotional hurdle on the seller’s side is, “Am I willing to walk away?”
  • Never let negotiations get down to one item.
  • Establish a negotiation process, and have a timeline.
  • Never has a difficult prospect become a delightful customer.
  • Be careful in your business that you don’t set up a buying tactic that makes that person wait until the price break comes in or until the discounts take place.

A Complete Training Solution:

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