What Buyers Expect from Salespeople

Course Description:

The main objective of this session is to help you understand what buyers expect from salespeople. By the time the session is over you will understand: what the four different buyer’s expectations are and the five keys to building trust.

Course Duration: 16 minutes

Why “What Buyers Expect from Salespeople” Matters:

Make sure that you understand the motives of how buyers are buying today, and you align how you sell to how they like to buy, and watch your close rate skyrocket.

Key Points:

  • Buyers want salespeople to demonstrate product application knowledge, not product knowledge.
  • Buyers want salespeople who are credible, sincere, trustworthy, and competent.
  • Buyers hate surprises.
  • Be able to communicate after a phone call, after a meeting, or after a webinar to communicate what was discussed.

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