Becoming a Leader: How to Prepare for a Leadership Role

Course Description

If you want to be a leader in the workplace, you need to prepare to assume leadership roles. You must go from being a follower to being the one who guides, directs, motivates and manages. This transition takes time, experience, skills, and commitment. But if you want to lead others, you can. This session will tell you how to ready when the right opportunity comes along.

Duration: 24 Minutes

Why "Becoming a Leader: How to Prepare for a Leadership Role" Matters

  • Becoming a workplace leader is possible for anyone who is willing to put in the effort and develop the skills required for leadership.
  • Leadership is both an opportunity and a challenge.
  • You can begin today to prepare for leadership so that you'll be ready when the right opportunity comes along.
  • By taking the seven key steps toward leadership described in the program, you can become a strong and effective workplace leader.

Key Points

  • Assess benefits and challenges of leadership;
  • Identify leadership roles and skills;
  • Develop an image that projects leadership potential; and
  • Take seven key step to prepare for leadership.

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