Preventing Sexual Harassment in California (AB 1825)

The Preventing Sexual Harassment in California library includes training to meet new guidelines for sexual orientation/gender identity training, compliance with AB1825, full coverage of AB2053 Abusive Conduct Law, interactive exercises and real-life scenarios and exercises, and so much more! It includes both a video and a non-video course, so you can train in a way that best meets the needs of you and your employees.

The courses in this library provide California employers with everything needed to satisfy California regulation AB-1825, including a two-hour minimum course length, interactive content, expert “help link,” and employee policy acknowledgement.

This complete training program gives you everything you need to conduct training that’s authoritative, attention-grabbing, and best of all, helps you protect your organization against devastating lawsuits. Unlike other training programs, this course is simple, engaging, authoritative, and convenient.

The trainers featured in in the video course are practicing California employment law attorneys Mark Schickman and Cathleen Yonahara. Mark Schickman is a partner at Freeland Cooper & Foreman LLP in San Francisco, where he is actively involved in litigation. He is a member of the blue ribbon employment arbitration panel of the America Arbitration Association and has written about and taught labor and employment law across the country. Cathleen Yonahara is also an attorney with Freeland Cooper & Foreman LLP, where she concentrates on employment and labor law. Cathleen has successfully represented employers in courts and before various government agencies.

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