Stop Sexual Harassment: VIDEO Training for California Supervisors

Stop Sexual Harassment: VIDEO Training for California Supervisors: This complete training program gives you everything you need to conduct training that’s authoritative, attention-grabbing, and best of all, helps you protect your organization against devastating lawsuits. Unlike other training programs, this course is:

  • Simple. For you and your staff. In just two hours, your team learns what constitutes harassment, why they need to stay vigilant, and how to react if they are approached with a complaint. And you’ll meet your training obligations under California law.
  • Engaging. Professional actors depict real scenarios from the workplace, not the unrealistic, wooden or even absurd vignettes used in other programs.
  • Authoritative. Each scenario is followed by frank and easily understood commentary from leading employment law authorities Mark Schickman and Linda Walton, each with over 20 years of experience counseling employers.
  • Convenient. Conduct training as it fits your organization’s schedule, not that of some busy consultant.

NOTE: The state of California has mandated harassment prevention training for supervisors. The U.S. Supreme Court has identified prevention training as an affirmative defense for employers facing sexual harassment claims. This course meets supervisor training requirements under AB1825. Includes 2015 Abusive Conduct Laws.

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