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TrainingToday is a leader in online employee training programs. From helping employees acquire new skills to assisting managers in meeting their day-to-day challenges, we offer the training across dozens of libraries to ensure compliance with state and federal regulations.

TrainingToday’s built-in learning management system offers SCORM-compliant in-depth content developed by in house subject matter experts, complete customization to meet your unique training needs and excellent customer service to help navigate the various tools available to you.

How do they use it?

Customers use TrainingToday to simplify and streamline how they train their workforce.  With this customizable resource, you can:


Train on demand.

Employees and managers can complete training anytime from anywhere.  All they need is a computer and an Internet connection

Reinforce training topics.

Engaging graphics and quizzes will help test employee knowledge.

Monitor and track results.

Tack the effectiveness of your training program with the built-in recordkeeping tool.